Sunday, March 26, 2006

Emigrants against unjustice!

Las Saturday, March 25th... more of half a million people showed up at down town los Angeles to demostrate the discontent about the new propositions some politicians are traying to make laws, in witch they basically persecute and make criminals out of the people that are here with out documents, blaiming on them all the bad things that are wrong with the country. we had een this kind of cases before, every time a politician needs to get a boost in his carrear, or they can not justify the owfull desitions that they had taken and made the economy worst! they appel to the racism that still existing on some groups of United Statians and, to get back in the voter pools the create this kind of horrible propositions, just like Pit Willson did a few years ago... I went to the Rally to give my support and to document this event... my people is here to work and make a better life, not to be a waite in any bodies shoulders... we deserve respect, not becouse we are just asking for it, but becouse we earned it! please forgive me if I am getting exited about this metter, It's just that it seems so wrong to me....

whole families together, suportting what they bolive on... that was really inspiring... Posted by Picasa

This is Broadway st, where the rally mainlly started...  Posted by Picasa

Behinde is the new building from the city.. is by the city hall, where the people were gattering together... Posted by Picasa

Here is the city hall, the mayor of LA showed up to give a speach to the people. Posted by Picasa

The police was there... to keep things in "order"... like they could really do some thing... the protest was counduct in an orderlly maner and there were no insidents at all. Posted by Picasa

The news said there were half a million souls at the rally, there where more then that but... as allways, it doesn't look good for the goverment to seem so wrong... Posted by Picasa

Do you know this Hotel?! Posted by Picasa

Everybody was wallking towards city hall... Hill, Broadway, Spring, Main... all the way to litle Tokyo... they were all over the center of LA... Posted by Picasa

You could seen people all over down town, there where 12 noon and they still caming to the rally! Posted by Picasa