Thursday, February 23, 2006

this is my friend Nelson and his nephew German! we were exited! Posted by Picasa

Mexico Vs Korea!

Last feb 15th I was at the Coliseum! There was an internacional futbol match betwin Mexico and Korea! even that my team lost... it was a greate game... a lot of people! around 65,000 ! I love futbol becouse it can put together in a place so many kinds of people... it does not metter the raze or color, religion or origin! it is amazing!! rich and poor enjoying this greate game! Korea bit Mexico 1 to 0 ... big mistake of our gol keeper but well... it hapends! I hope you like this pictures!! See yha!!!!

this is a beautiful image...  Posted by Picasa

these were the heros of the night.. the ones on green are from Mexico, the withe and red are from Korea! Posted by Picasa

every body was having fun! Posted by Picasa

As always the attendance was impresive! around 65,000 souls in the stadium! Posted by Picasa

This is German! as you can see he was enjoying the game... in his own way! Posted by Picasa

this is the VIP palco at the coliseum! Posted by Picasa

this was the half time show... it was a local marching band! Posted by Picasa