Sunday, August 24, 2008

First trip to the beach! (Long Beach CA)

Last week we went to the beach! It was kind of special becouse it was the first time for Dantito! some thing new! We were there a few hours only, got a litle sun burn but, it was all fine!!

Alesandrito and Kyosuke.

Cool boy!

Doesn't he look cute?!

He wasen't happy to have sand in his feet!

Nice picture!

I love the way he looks here!

Litle cousin!

Alesandrito was trill to be at the beach!

Kyosuke kun!

Is incredible how big he is now! 11 month! he will start walking any time now!

New Play ground!

Now Kyosuke is the owner of the living room! that is were his play ground is now!

Happy Birthday!

This is Cristobal! He was having a birthday party with his brother Omar, both my nephews. the party is going on in one of the parks in East LA!


Tis is the first time in the play ground for Dantito! He is a litle bit scare..

In the park!!