Sunday, May 25, 2008


Please, no more pictures today!

"It's my relaxing time..."


"May doll"

Good meal!!

His first kashiwa-mochi!!!


His first Boys Day Celebration!!

There is a new hero in town!!

Super Dante Kun!!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Mexican Plaza!

This is a replica of the Palacio nacional in Mexico city. Is located in the Mexican Plaza In LA! Is a nice Shopping center in the Maywood area... the Only thing I didn't like is that because of that, too much of the ghetto come to that place.. well, I guess is not that bad if you stay away from that people... Is a nice place when it comes to our heritage... I hope you like the pics!

My daugther!

Valeria y El Angel de la Independencia!

Plaza Mexico!


Nice touch!


This also is found in the Mexican Plaza! The details are simple but beautiful!


This Is a beautiful carousel in the Mexican Plaza!

Dante Kun and his father!

Dante and me beside the Aztec Calendar!