Sunday, August 28, 2005

Nisei Week!

Two weeks ago I was at Litle Tokyo, there was a celebration of the tofu festiveal and the Nisei Week... I don't know much about it but I bet most of you know... It was very nice day, a lot of stuff to see, a lot of people!! One of the best parts was the parade! I took some pictures that I want to share with you! Hope you like them...

LA's Mayor was there! Posted by Picasa

Beauti was one of the main parts of the parade! Posted by Picasa

Traditional and classy... Posted by Picasa

Very nice, don't you think so..?  Posted by Picasa

Do you know this guy? Is a sumo restler!  Posted by Picasa

Some cool cars played the music people was dancing with!  Posted by Picasa

I think she is beautiful, don't you?  Posted by Picasa

There were partisipants on four legs too!!  Posted by Picasa

More beauties shining at the parade!!  Posted by Picasa

The budist were exited to be part of the event!! Posted by Picasa

Thi are some of the celebrities that were on the parade... Posted by Picasa

Color was all over the place! Posted by Picasa

There where a lot of happy people dancing and chearing... Posted by Picasa

Look at that!! isn't it sweet?! Posted by Picasa

I had seen this guys before, only in televicion... Posted by Picasa

This is one of the flots in the parade, with a lot of cute royalty! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Mexican Classic in LA!

Last wednesday my sister, her hasband, a friend and me whent to the LA's Coliseum to watch a futbol game! the Mexican classic between America vs Chivas teams! It was amazing how many people where there!! thausands of people!!! it was an impresive spectacle!! beautiful! The mayor of Los Angeles was there where his son, he likes Las Chivas ! just like me and the guys I whent with! anfortunally chivas lost 2 to 1 but, it was so exiting to be part of such event!! so much energy and camaradery!! I really enjoyed it!! see yha!

Even the Los Angeles Mayor was there to welcome the newest Chivas USA team members. Antonio Villarraigosa!  Posted by Picasa

America and Chivas! This was a mexican classic held on LA!  Posted by Picasa

As always, lot's of fun for every body!!  Posted by Picasa

Isn't this impresive!? So many people just to witness a futbol game!! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Cool stuff!

I whent to the movies with my little girl today, to Holiwood and Highland at the kodak theatre complex. at the center of the mall was this Chalk festival, artist whent there and took over the floors on the patio, started to make beutiful paintings with just color chalk. most of the painting wh
wearen't finish at the time but they look greate allready!! that is the cool thing about LA, you can find anspected things every where! We saw Charly and the Chocolate Factory" Is a beautiful movie! good clean fun! I definatlly recoment this one!!
P.S. onece again, sorry about my spelling...

Cool paint ha!?  Posted by Picasa

Chalk festival! Posted by Picasa

Man reaching out! Posted by Picasa