Thursday, August 17, 2006

Good news!

What's up! I have greate news! my family is all exited becouse my litle sister, (26 years old) is haveing a weadding celebration! she have been merried for a litly more then a year but she couldn't have the ceremony becouse her hasband had to go to Germany to an US army station there... but now they want to have the party! He is Mexican, so far he seems like a nice guy so, if my sister is happy with him, is the only thing that metter! They have a baby, his name is Alesandro Avina! he is so cute!!! I will post some pictures of him later in the blog and you tell me if I am wrong! The ceremony and party will be on the next month, september 2nd... I yest want to share this with all my friends and congratulate my sister ... a litle late but, well... what can one do, right?! by the way, my sister's name is Esmeralda, (emerald in english.) the hasband's name is Jose Avina. well... See yha!!!


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