Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Gay Parade

What's up every body! Last sunday I was in West Hollywood, every year they have the gay parade over Santa Monica blvd. Is getting popular in LA. For some of us that came from more conservative countries, is shocking to see how open this issue is adress in US. In Mexico is a tabu! beeing a mainly catholic population, we are rise up with simple ideas, black and white, man and woman... I personaly bolived that a person should choose what makes him or her happy, regardless of the general opinion. People will always critisize the way you are, but will never help you to be happy, that is some thing that you will have to achive by your self and if that is truth, why will you pretend to be some one else just to please the people around you? Gay people had gain so much in this society, before you couldn't say that you were gay, but litle by litle they were beeing accepted, now, they are beeing encourage to "come out of the closet" ... I just hope I am not around when they start to enforce it!! just kidding! I am happy for them, becouse they have the courage to be them selves... I hope you like the pictures from the parade!! See you later! (hasta la vista!)


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