Wednesday, July 06, 2005

ChivasUSA vs Chicago fire!

Last saturday we whent to the Home Depot Center! is a new futbol stadium on the south part of LA. it was a exiting game, Chivas usa vs the Chicago fire... unfotunally Chivas lost but we have a lot of fun , My sister and her hasband , my nefew and me where so loud!! we shut at the refery and players, but mostlly in a good way, suportting our team, Chivas of course... and curse a litle to the other team but, hey! is just the way it is in those events!! it was a greate afternoon!! this month the gold cup is going to be held in the USA, different countries will compeat! is a very big tournament, Mexico and United States will be participatting! I thing they are some of the best in the tournament! made the best win!! ...


Blogger Mai said...

I envy u, you can watch the game in the studium.

Your daughter is beautiful. You sent me a picture that there was you and her once, right? She looks different. Pls say hello to her for me, okay? ^-^

July 9, 2005 at 1:57 AM  

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